Sunday, May 17, 2009

Call Your Senator!

You know me -- I am always a fan of unions. I strongly support organizing employees in any and all ways. Within the past few months we had a drive to organize employees in my office with other currently unrepresented employees in my branch of government. Unfortunately, the unionizing campaign was very poorly run. Employees were not well informed of how a union could benefit them and honestly, the folks who contacted me (and other employees) used way too many scare tactics to try to bully employees into opting for the union. The organizers used horribly poor communication techniques to attempt to reach employees. I was very disappointed.

Alas, I am still a huge supporter of union. I am begging you to contact your senators after watching the below video.

47 artists. They've all come together in a remarkable video to show their support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

If you agree that we need an economy that works for everyone again, please join them and call your senators now; it takes under 2 minutes. It's easy.

1. Call your senator toll-free at 888-322-4059.

2. Tell the staff member answering the phone where you're calling from, and that you want to be connected to your senator's office.

3. Once connected, tell the staff person answering the phone where you're calling from and that you want your Senator to work hard to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Most calls end right there, but you can also add:
a) The Employee Free Choice Act is crucial to our economic recovery.

b) CEOs and top executives are still getting huge bonuses, while the recession has hit middle-class families the hardest.

*** IMPORTANT: Don't forget to redial 888-322-4059 and share the same message with your other senator.

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