Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Not A Good Idea

My life experiences have included some "just not good ideas". You know what I mean? Not something that is tragically awful or unfortunate, but something that just turned out to be a non-intelligent idea. Just not a good idea...

* wearing white socks with black pants and black shoes. (No, no, no! Just don't do it!)
* shoveling the front steps for less than 2 minutes with a 14-month old and 2-year old unattended in the living room with finger paint in the same house.
* microwaving Chinese food to-go containers with staples in them. (Whoops! Honest mistake.)
* ironing clothes, um, while wearing them.
* children with permanent markers a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e.
* listening to 93x EVER.
* at age 4 jumping off the top of a six-foot slide. (Just to clue you in -- this particular bright idea ended in a four-year old broken leg.)
* twittering while in outer space (right up there with texting while driving? I think not, folks.)
* toddlers pouring their own bowl of cereal and as an encore, their own milk on the cereal.
* walking out on the porch to pick up the mail without your house keys in hand and a one-year old in the house.
*watching David Letterman when you could be watching Jay Leno (Conan O'Brien sucks!!!)

Honestly, I can't claim to have experienced each and every one of these not good ideas (twittering? in space?!) What do you consider "just not a good idea"?

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