Sunday, May 10, 2009


My very favorite magnet reads:

I am Woman.
I am Invincible.
I am Tired!

Isn't that the truth! Seriously? Do you know any moms with children still at home who sound well rested, relaxed and with plenty of free time on her hands?
My second favorite magnet reads:

"Wow! I get to give birth AND change diapers!"

When I was in high school and in my very early 20's, I was in what I now refer to as my "militant feminist" phase. I was not going to settle down with a partner unless they would support my academic and career goals, do AT LEAST half of all household work, and share all child rearing responsibilities and decisions 50/50.

Fast forward ten plus years...

Yeah, that was a pleasant Utopian daydream.

I very much wish things were equally shared in my world. I would love to only do half of the dishes, laundry, sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning, scrubbing, grocery shopping, pet food fetching, diaper getting -- to say nothing of the child caring tasks of bathing, potty training, disciplining, snotty nose wiping, homework, school conferences, chauffering to playdates, shuttling to doctor or dentist appts... Does the list ever stop?

I laugh (quite hysterically and in a manner of an unhinged, crazy person) at myself when I think of my lofty goals of utter equality of all things household and child rearing related. WHAT WAS I SMOKING?! I couldn't have realistically expected to find a commited partner who would whole-heartedly pony up and do half of all work -- could I?




I love my husband.

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