Thursday, October 1, 2009

Class Act

My precious 9-year old daughter started 4th grade this year. She had to go to a new building for the UPPER elementary campus and boy, oh boy! was that challenging for...


It seems just like yesterday that I was holding a newborn in my arms and walking Big E to her bus stop for kindergarten. SIGH!

This year, since E has matured so much this summer, she told me that in no uncertain terms, I was not allowed to take her picture at her bus stop because that was only for babies. When she said that, Hubby promptly told her, "Good luck with that! You know how Mom is about taking pictures."

It took a week of negotiations, but we finally agreed that I could go to Big E's bus stop to take pictures a full 30-45 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive and then I had to quickly disappear. WTF?!

I humored the girl, but when it came time for the two wee ones and me to go back home, Big E had relaxed enough so I was "allowed" to stay at the bus stop with her.

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