Sunday, October 11, 2009


When I woke up yesterday morning THIS is what I saw outside my window...
To say the least, I was highly UNamused. Yes, I am aware that I live in MN and I am very aware that it snows in MN. However, it was only October 10th. The kids were beside themselves with exuberant energy and excitement.

I had not planned on digging out their snow boots and snow pants and gloves and hats and all that other cold weather JUNK yet.

I haven't even had a chance to bring the kids to the multitudes of fall activities that I LIVE to photograph!!! We haven't made it to a single apple orchard or jumped in raked up leaves or drove to the fall harvest festival at the farm in Litchfield. Jeepers!

I am seriously peeved here, People! I want to know where to file my complaint with Mother Nature. I am telling you! That lady is going to hear from me...

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