Friday, October 9, 2009

Talk to Me

My nine-year old daughter was playing around at bedtime recently, when I heard my husband yell up to her, "Quit goofing off and go night-night!"

I stopped what I was doing and took note of the moment, because I was certain that my husband hadn't said, "night-night" in a long time.

I suddenly wondered; when did we stop saying that? Words like night-night, binky and blankie are beginning to become distant memories.

When did my four-year old daughter stop calling me, "Mama" and start calling me "Mommy"? When did my nine-year old daughter stop calling me "Mommy" and start calling me "Mom"? And, when did she stop calling me "Mom" and start calling me "Hmmph" with an accompanying eye-roll?!

These moments fly by, as much of life does, without us even taking notice. I, for one, am too busy cleaning the kitchen or picking up dirty socks to document anything but the big stuff.

I have photos of the babies crawling in pumpkin patches and the first day of kindergarten. I have programs from school plays and boxes full of artwork but, how are you supposed to note the last time your child referred to a dog as a "doggie"?

Hearing my husband call up to our daughter made me aware that those moments had passed us by. One minute my daughter was eating jars of food she called "num-nums" and the next she's bringing home division or multiplication homework.

And if there's anything that makes you wish your kids were still saying things like "night-night", it's that darn math homework.

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