Friday, October 30, 2009

Shiny, Sharp Objects

This year we carved pumpkins in the house because it was so chilly outside. The weather has been so rainy and awful this autumn! While carving the pumpkins, Kelli & Company stopped by Carol's house and we promptly invited them over to carve away with us. Yahoo! We made a glorious mess and great fun was had by all.

For the record, Auntie Molly insisted upon carving pumpkins in rubber gloves because she doesn't like the gooey insides. I had to laugh at her here. Seriously?! Who carves pumpkins in RUBBER GLOVES?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

D was all about the sharp, shiny objects. He was scary with the kid-safe pumpkin knife -- very gung-ho! He just wanted to keep cutting chunks out of the top of the pumpkin where Auntie Molly had already off the top of the pumpkin so we could clean it.

G kept staring inside her pumpkin as if she wasn't sure it was safe to stick her hand in it. I kept giggling at her and she kept frowning at me and asking, "Waz so funny?!"

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