Thursday, October 29, 2009


One of our daughters and our son recently stayed at my mother in laws house for the night. Grandma and Papa treated them to dinner at a restaurant.

The four of them were seated in a booth directly next to two men. My mother in law said that one of guys looked very disheveled, and the other had a beard down to his waist.

As much as my mother in law told my daughters not to stare, my four-year old daughter could not control herself. Finally, one of the men started to talk to my daughter.

And, because my mother in law knows my daughter's history, she quickly turned to the bearded man and said, "You probably shouldn't ask her any questions. She's very honest."

Nice. Real nice! Now we know where my husband, and most likely my daughter, learned how to be so subtle. For the record, I mean that in the nicest, sweetest possible way...

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