Friday, July 2, 2010


A bubble machine. It is a parent's dream come true. You just fill it's little cavity with bubble solution, push a button and magic happens. Hundreds of big, beautiful, bubbles blowing continuously without you exerting a single breath!

Yesterday, while I was sitting at my computer paying bills and catching up on business, the wee ones were bored and begging for... I don't know what. I wasn't really listening. While I tried to focus on whatever I was doing, I absently ignored their little voices, "Mommy, you wah wah wah wah? Mommy, wah wah wah! Mommy, wah wah wah. Mommy! MA-OOOOOMMM!" I suddenly snapped out of my technology-induced coma. Huh? What? You want me to get your bubbles? Sure...

Our little man (age three) took my hand and led me to the porch. We went outside and I dutifully filled the bubble thingy, clicked the button and headed straight back for my computer where bills or my blog or email were awaiting me.

Suddenly, his sweet, angelic, lispy voice stopped me in my tracks, "Mommy, you want to share this with me?"

Of course I do! I want to share this moment of your childhood and watch you dance under the bubbles, smiling and laughing with joy only a three year old can feel. Bills can wait, but you, my dearest wee ones, are changing faster than the earth is spinning. . . and soon you won't be asking me to share in your small joys.

I love you, my precious children. Keep your joys in the forefront of your lives.

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