Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Couldn't Hear You

At the exact same moment that I summoned my family for dinner last night, my Little Man experienced a partial loss of hearing.

While he didn't hear any of my 3 incrementally more hostile calls for him to come to the dinner table from 10 feet away, my darling son could make out just fine what Mario or Luigi was saying for the Wii game he was playing at the time.

After Little Man's player was inadvertently blown to smithereens by an monster of some sort, my son was instantaneously blessed with the miracle of healing.

"I'm ready to eat now!" he chirped as he came barrelling into the kitchen.

He was about ready to plop himself into his seat when he noticed that there wasn't one for him.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Where's my chair?"

I told him that because he was a no-show for his dinner reservation, he had been bumped to second seating.

Little Man had no idea what a "second seating" was, but he was smart enough to figure out that it wasn't desirable. He instantly started howling.

As I took a big, delicious bite of my dinner I explained, "Since you weren't available for this round of dinner, I've decided you can eat whatever is left over after everyone else is finished eating... that is, if I still feel like feeding you then."

"I COULDN'T HEAR YOU!" wailed Little man as he was marched into his bedroom for a timeout.

"Yeah right," whispered Princess G under her breath.

"I HEARD THAT!" yelled the Wii champion.

P.S. The Little Man had to wait 10 horribly, long painful minutes, but rest assured, he got his dinner in the end.

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