Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Boy

Yesterday, I saw Little Man walking around the house with a baby doll that he was calling Dude.

At first I thought… WHO IS THIS BOY? I mean, my son, who has grown up with three sisters and a plethora of “girl” toys has rarely ever wanted to play with them. Barbies, princesses, dress-up clothes, strollers, babies, castles, My Little Ponies. Our house is full of them. But our Little Man has always been into trucks and trains and dinosaurs and other boy-ish or violent things. Oh! And let's not forget about ANYTHING electronic... the computer, video games, Wii, Xbox...

Then I thought… For all of my lip service about raising children without gender bias -- is this weird? My baby boy cuddling a baby?

Then I thought, NO! Of course, it is NOT weird even a little bit. It means that he’s sensitive. It means that he’s going to be a good father. I am an equal opportunity parent. This is 2010! My son can be anything he wants – isn’t that amazing?

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