Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Love Blogging!

I've always been a fan of the one-liners that accompany lists such as "You Know You're A Redneck if...", You Know You're a Minnesotan if...", "You Know You're No Longer A Child if..." so I was excited to read Mommy Monologues list "You Know You're A Blogger When..."

Here is her list...  LOVE IT!!!

May 28, 2010
You Know You're A Blogger When...

1. All of your sentences start with "I was reading this blog today..." and all you get are blank stares from people in the "real" world. Because let's face it, they just don't get it! 

2. You tell a friend or a family member about something that you swear you haven't already told them & before you can even spit the whole story out they've said, "I know. I read it on your blog." 

3. You know that Heather from Theta Mom Community or the ladies from SITS are a big deal!

4. When people in your "real" life don't know about the aforementioned ladies you are literally stunned because these women feel almost like blogging celebs to you.

5. You have a conversation with a girlfriend or your husband or even a random stranger & half way through the convo you realize that this could be an amazingly, AWESOME blog post. So you excuse yourself, go running as fast as you can to your blogging notebook & start jotting down the idea--and whoever you were talking to at the time thinks you're nuts. But you don't care because you like totally know you're going to get like a gazillion comments from the brillant idea you just scribbled down! 

6. You look forward to turning on your computer in the morning because you can't wait to see what all your "bloggy girlfriends" have written for the day!

7. You lust after google followers like you do Calvin Klein models.

8. You carry your camera with you, EVERYWHERE, because hey the baby might do something friggin' cute & you don't want to miss a thing, just in case it's a cute pic for the blog (which again would garner comments--which you lust after almost as much as those google followers.)

9. The baby is asleep. The house is quiet. It would be the perfect time for a bubble bath & a good book. Too darn bad your computer can't go in the tub with you because let's face it you'd really rather blog!

10. You are inspired by the thoughts & words of mere strangers. That one moment of inspiration leads you to make a comment. That one comment turns into emailing. Emailing turns into friendship-- all because of the power of the written word!

I'm glad I'm a "Blogger" & even more glad to "Know" All of You!!!

Source: Mommy Monologues


Katina said...

You are so right about #10!! Thanks for visitng Peaceful Divas!

Rachel said...

That is hilarious!

And to add one more: you know you're a blogger when you risk the wrath of a big biker dude at a gas station by attempting to take blog photos of his full moon... OOPS!

Tina said...

HA! All of these are SO true! This really brightened my day and made me laugh!
Have a good weekend!

Lisa said...

Great post. I connected with so many of these.