Monday, September 6, 2010


I will turn 33 on Friday. 33! That number sounds weird to me...

My sweet children have been telling *everyone* that I was turning 21. I think is actually making people think I am going to be much older than I am...

I’m not generally embarrassed about my age. I don’t feel old – well, actually I do feel rather advanced in age, but any who... It just surprises me that I’m in my 30s! Somedays, I feel 23. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be a responsible homeowner, a wife, a mom to 4 (!) children, a person with a retirement plan.

Recently, while shopping, I stumbled upon a business competition for students. There were these groups of kids standing around wearing their new suits, looking young and nervous. And I could not tell whether it was a high school competition or college competition. That is how old I am!

I’m not old, right? I watch the occasional South Park episode, I’ve seen The Soup. I liked Knocked Up and The Hangover. I have a blog. I’m on Facebook. I’ve heard of the show Jersey Shore. I take my kid to the zoo and am in bed by 11 pm on weekends. I remember the days before everyone had cell phones.

Shoot! I am old!!!

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