Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Peas In A Pod

Little Princess and Little Man were sitting at the kitchen table eating an afternoon snack last week, when suddenly they decided that they weren't close enough. So Little Man got off his chair and pushed it closer to Princess. He kept pushing it until their chairs were touching and there was no wiggle room between.

Little Man (smiling proudly): "Princess! Now we are sitting RIGHT by each other AND we can still eat our snack!"

Princess: "Hey Buddy! Someday we won't get to eat right by each other any more. We might both live in our own houses."

Little Man: "Ohhh..."

I think my jaw dropped open in shock and I almost started sobbing. It was almost as if Little Princess decided to play a game with Little Man… “How many of Mommy's saddest thoughts can we say out loud?"

Me: "Princess! As adults, we can still have lunch with our brothers or sisters and I could even go sit next Auntie while eating if I wanted to."

Princess (totally unaffected): "Oh. Okay. Well then, you can eat at my house if you want, Little Man. We can eat ramen noodles always."

Me (Because I can't let anything go, E-V-E-R): "As a matter of fact, Princess, you and Little Man can live here forever, if you want. No one needs to get their own house. You can stay with Mommy and Daddy forever!" I smile triumphantly!

Yes, yes! I’m ashamed to admit that I really, truly said that out loud to my beautiful, independent wee ones.

Princess (looks at Little Man): "Okay, Mommy.” (short pause as she glances at Little Man) “But we will get our own houses, Buddy."

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Really?!?!?

Praise Jesus for independent and head-strong children.

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mignonesia said...

Greeting Annie, this is my first visit and what a sweet posts I found here on your blog. And this is a lovely convo of you and your lovely kids, You are such a caring and loving mother I can tell from your blog.^^
I am following now you from Indo!^^