Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crush On You

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I'm feeling nostaolgic for the times when I was younger and life was less complicated.  I may have thought I had worries, but let's face it -- the fact that my bangs wouldn't stand up HIGH enough, was hardly worth crying over.  SIGH!

I decided to play "Crush On You" by The Jets because they were the very first concert I ever attended.  I was in 3rd grade and my mom was our Girl Scout troop leader.  The Girl Scouts were celebrating their 75th anniversary by hosting a Jets concert in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Our troop was lucky enough to get tickets.  For a long time, the Jets were my favorite (while I was in 3rd grade).  I remember my bestest friend, Susan, and I playing barbies for hours on end while listening to "Crush On You", "Make It Real", and "You Got It All".

"Crush On You"
~ The Jets

How did you know 'cause I never told
You found out,
Ive got a crush on you
No more charades,
My hearts been displayed,
You found out,
Ive got a crush on you

You must have heard it
From my best friend
Shes always talkin when she should be listenin
Cant keep a secret
To save her life
But still I trusted her with all I felt inside
I never knew, a rumor could spread so fast
(cause now the) Word is out!
All over town
That Im longing for you

How did you know If i never told
You found out I've got a crush on you
No more sharades,
My hearts been displayed
You found out I've got a crush on you

Maybe I was the one who left the trace
Was there a message written on my face
One little emotion so easily read
That you would know my love before a word was said...
Was it my eyes that let you know you had control
Because the way you move
It was so self-assured
You knew I would surrender!


0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o- - - - -

Chorus till fade

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Yaya' s Home said...

Oh, sad, sad, sad; I do not recall this song. Suddenly, I feel verrrry oooooolllld. Ungh!

I watched the video, but all memory eluded me. Perhaps the fact that I'm older than dirt has somethin' to do with it, ya' s'pose?

Thanks for comin' to my blog an' Followin'. I've been gone for awhile, but I am now your newest Follower.

~ Yaya