Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes? No! Maybe...

I have been in love with scrapbooking for,like, a million years.  Now I’m loving the creativity of blogging too.  Since my recent blog re-design (check out IndieChick Designs!!!), I have seen how fabulous you can make a blog or website.  With all of this creative-ness and my love for all things educational and college-ish, I am seriously considering going back to school for a graphic arts, or probably more specifically a web design, degree. I already have tons of my generals done, so I think I could do it in 18-24 months, but I’m not sure.  I still have more research to do.

There are two main things that are holding me back include:

1)       the financial investment, and
2)       my fear that once I really get into the job specifics, I won’t love it anymore.

I guess I think it would only be worth it if I end up being able to do something being creative and preferably on a freelance basis, so I can eventually work from home on a flexible schedule.  I have wanted to return to school and finish my degree forever, but I’ve waffled about what degree to pursue. 

I know that I no longer have the emotional energy to work as an elementary school teacher.  I discovered early on as a parent that I was not good at working with children all day, pouring all of my love and energy into them, and then coming home and still having enough in reserve to work at the same optimal, loving, emotional place that they, too, deserved.  So… teaching is out. 

Social work and Psychology are out simply because I feel it’d be a waste of my time to go to school for those two topics and go for anything less than a Masters.  Frankly, I have no desire to get a Masters at this time in my life.

I’ve considered a degree in Communications and/or Marketing.  There’s also always an HR (Human Resources) degree, which has always captured my interest.  SIGH! 

My true passions and desires are all captured with photography, visual design elements, and the creativity of scrapbooking…

I guess, I’ll just have to keep pondering and researching and searching my soul.  In the mean time, I welcome any and all feedback!


Cory Thians said...

What about a community ed class to get SOME formal training and then do a little free lancing for churches or non-profits to see if you still like it. Or maybe set up blogs for people who are having weddings or baby showers or something like that.

hickeyartist said...

You need to be following your heart and desires. You are very good at creating and you get exicited along with some giggles when you do and talk about it. That is where you need to be investing your passion. Keep up discovering who you are and what you want to be fullfilled with.