Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Perfect Parenting

It's just too much when you meet the Perfect Parent.  You know The One.  The Perfect Parent with two point two Perfect Children -- children who have been walking since they were nine-months old, potty trained by the time they turned eighteen-months, reading since they were three-years old, fluent in twelve languages by the time they started their gifted and talented, arts-focused, private school at age four and are still most likely sleeping in the same bed as that Perfect Parent who is still most likely breast-feeding their eight-year old.

I was highly irritated by a blog community posting last week, where an innocent bloggy mommy was asking for feedback about a sassy preschooler.  The poor, beleaguered mom was simply looking for some parenting tips, or preferably some encouragement from other parents.  Instead the discussion was high-jacked by a self-righteous "Perfect Parent".  Finally, a voice of reason stepped in and posted a link to the below video -- which cracked me up!!!

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Mama Monkey said...

That clip ROCKS!!! LOL :)