Thursday, November 25, 2010


* my faith in Jesus Christ and the promise that He will never leave me.

* the opportunities that have been given to me through family, friends, work, our children’s school, volunteer opportunities.

* some of life’s hard knocks have taught me to be stronger, more independent, and even a bit more adventurous.

* such an amazing group of neighbors, who I count as my closest friends -- who have truly gone over, above, and beyond to help me through my depression this year.

* having such a fantastically supportive mother and two sisters. They may not always agree with the choices I make or have made, but they always stand by me (after sharing their two cents). Always. ALWAYS!

* all of the hugs and kisses and cuddles my wee ones give me each and every day.

* fun times playing Uno and board games with family and friends.

* my overall good health.

* my families overall good health.

* our health insurance coverage.

* Despite my gripes, I am very thankful for my decrepit, old, drafty home. I love that we have a home to call our own.

* the groceries that we consume.

* the reliable electricity we take for granted!

* the simple pleasures of hot bubble baths.

* the sound of my children’s giggles.

* the smell of popcorn at the movie theatre.

* – it helps me realize I am not the only one with personal demons.

* this blog. I love writing and it’s great to know that I can not only vent here, but get responses from other folks that are encouraging.

* all of our troops who protect our freedoms and lay their lives on the line.

* Half Price Bookstore.

* the entertainment I get from watching Glee.

* Lastly, the many great things and great people in my life. I am truly blessed.


Natasha said...

Blessings and best wishes to you and yours for this Thanksgiving.


Isis said...

I'm thankful to have found your blog! Thanks for following, now I'm following you back!