Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Secret Life of A Warrior Woman

I positively adored this posting from Alison at The Secret Life of A Warrior Woman.  It tickled me pink and resonated deeply with me.  I strongly believe moms need the occasional vacation from their children -- and significant others!

Some years ago I caught a snippet of an Oprah show on moms who took vacations from their kids.
I can’t say it resonated with me particularly – these women were going away on retreats or for weeks at a time.
But I agree we all need a break from our kids now and then.
Sometimes it’s just to have an uninterrupted conversation.
Sometimes it’s to have a nap or an hour’s read.
Sometimes it’s to connect with our spouse.
Sometimes, it’s to take care of important work.

And sometimes, frankly, it’s to have a good cry.

There are times when we need to feel safe from the incessant demands, the noise,the peal of ‘I’m hungry!’ which seem on occasion to bombard us. To know we are absolutely not going to be disturbed.
And it’s not just the kids.
I remember a time when, with infants not yet on a sleeping schedule, I had by some miracle got the boys to nap at the same time.
They were asleep either side of me on the sofa and I daren’t move just in case they woke up. A sacrifice I was more than prepared to make.
I relaxed into this unexpected and unfamiliar experience of peace during daylight hours, slipped down the sofa just slightly, closed my eyes.

And then.

The garage door buzzed up, a roar of an open top sports car entered the enclosed space, music blaring. Doors were slammed, grocery bags banged, heavy footsteps clacked.
My husband had returned from his meeting.
I learned there and then that male energy does not peacefully coexist with a houseful of infants and a sleep-deprived female. My one chance at peace forpossibly years had disappeared.
Phones – another bugbear of mine.
You know how your kids can be playing or eating quite happily when the phone rings and they suddenly start to fight, complain or throw food?

It was ridiculous.

One minute they’d be playing with blocks side by side, doing just what Dr. Brazelton said they should.
Then the phone would go and they’d suddenly be doing a creditable impression of Chucky.
Now they’re older, it’s playdates and classes and play rehearsals and homework.

Organization gone mad.

I feel I have to become one of those professional organizers just to be a mom!
I was complaining about this to another mom in the school parking lot last week. We were bemoaning our lot. We turned our engines off, windows wound down. Lasted half an hour. But, oh it was good.
Pure venting, it was. No solutions, just venting.

Venting. Cocaine for moms.

Yes, sometimes we need a break, a vacation. Even Superman went on one of those now and again so I’m sure Warrior Woman can too.
So where do you go to get away from the incessant? When it all gets too much or it’s about to?
I have friends who go to Hawaii. Other girlfriends have a spa weekend.
Me? I go into our sauna.

And naked.

They never follow me there.

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