Thursday, February 26, 2009

Close to Me

"Mommy, can I sit next to you while you eat dinner?"

I hear this almost every evening. There is much chair scraping as she drags her kitchen chair right up next to mine. After a few moments she asks, "Mommy, can I sit in your lap while you eat?" Her big, soft brown eyes look up at me with a quiet excitement I can't remember ever possessing.

After placing her on my lap, she pauses, wraps her tiny arms around my neck and exclaims, "Oh! Thank you, Mommy. Thank you!" Then she burrows into me, compacting herself into a tiny ball. She squirms as if she is looking for a spot that will position her even closer to me.

If she could, I imagine she would soon ask, "Mommy, can I be back inside you?" These days it is never close enough. Not that I am complaining! I know, soon enough, she will not want me around and my heart will silently break when that day arrives.

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