Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Things I Wonder About

Does anyone know why they make “child-proof” locks for closets and doors that only take two seconds for kids to figure out before they begin mainlining Tums and bandaiding each other and making really awesome sculptures out of tampons? All of which were on a shelf 6 feet high... which means that someone had to use someone else as a ladder to overcome the first three feet? Hmm...

Does anyone know why reasonably intelligent women like myself never get a clue and just teach the 3 1/2 YEAR OLD TO EITHER COOK COMPLETE DINNERS OR DO THE LAUNDRY? I should just send her to Montessori preschool, like her older sister attended. She won’t be able to read until she is at least 8 but by golly, she’ll be able to cut a block of cheese for her friends and know the names of every tree in my backyard. Of course I would have to get her out of the bathroom closet first. See above.

Does anyone know how everyone in the house manages to be bugged about the condition of the house yet people continue to climb over the Mt. Everest of laundry piling up in the kitchen? (Yes, my washer and dryer are in my kitchen. I do not have a basement and that is VERY unfortunate.) Enough said.

Does anyone know exactly how much longer we will be tortured by Cabinet appointments? I say we just give everyone a pass for everything less than 1st degree murder (unless it was justifiable homicide, of course) and put ourselves out of our misery.

Just random thoughts...

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