Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When You Put It That Way

One of my pet peeves is my children changing clothes for no reason. Because Heaven forbid they put it away and wear it again ... oh, no. Straight into the dirty laundry it goes.

My mantra is: "Do you think I do laundry for the fun of it???" and my children have had it burned into their little brains at this point in their lives, but still, with no real success.

I noticed G's change of clothes, and was about to launch into my lecture for the million and ONE time, "G! Why did you change clothes before dinner? What was wrong with the outfit you had on? Do you think I do laundry for the fun of it?"

She looked at me, like I was clearly clueless (which if I am, it's only because these kids have sucked every brain cell out of my head) and replied, "Mom. The other outfit didn't match."

Her new outfit??? A white, sleeveless undershirt OVER a long-sleeved black, magenta, orange, light pink striped t-shirt and yellow leggings covered in black swiggly lined-design things with one green sock and one yellow sock.

So, yeah. I guess when she puts it *that* way . . . clears everything up, doesn't it?

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