Sunday, June 7, 2009


On Friday evening, I went out with a few friends from high school. These great friends hang out all the time. I am usually so crazy busy with the kids and volunteering and working and just trying to stay sane that I am unable to catch up with them more than a couple times a year.
In high school, our little clique got stuck with the handle "Crusters". I am unsure how we officially got stuck our name, but I assume we were stuck with the name "Crusters" because we were probably perceived as acting overly exclusive. I don't like to think that we actively excluded others (which I don't actually remember doing). I prefer to think that we were a group of six teenage girls who had similar interests and were overly self-absorbed (as all teenagers are) and that it just didn't occur to us to hang out with others.
I'm sure I am wrong. I bet we had our moments of being terrible to others. Goodness gracious, teenagers can be such horribly mean little beings. Thank God that life continues to throw different experiences at us as we mature to help us put the rest of life into perspective so we can learn to be humble, sweet, compassionate adults!

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