Saturday, June 6, 2009


Tonight the children and I took a little jaunt to the park. While it was a fun outing for them, I was reminded of the positive parenting skills of the unattended children also at the park. I was once again educated. Here’s what I learned:

* Playground equipment isn’t just for climbing on and playing games. It is a supposedly unseeable, smoke screen where 14-yr-old girls go to make out with even younger boys.

* In the game of tag, what used to be called “babysitting” (watching over your opponets) is now called “puppy-footing.” At least by the 7 to 9 year-old set.

* Seven to nine year-olds cuss. A LOT. They even make up songs comprised primarily of cuss words. Very talented.

* Kids still spend more time during tag discussing the rules than actually playing the game. Thank goodness for some consistency!

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