Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleep with One Eye Open

I can’t help it. I love true crime stories, because I personally can’t fathom how someone could think, even for a minute, that they wouldn’t get caught. Me? I’d TOTALLY get caught. So I watch in fascination of the stupidity of it all, and I’m hooked. Give me 48 Hours, Dateline Mystery, etc...

It seems like every time Husband enters the room one of these shows is on. He is constantly commenting that he just knows I’m taking notes on how to kill him and bury the body and get away with it.

Husband says I need to ask you, my dearest friends, if he should feel justified in his fears that his days may be numbered -- wonders if I am going to use these shows as “research”.

So? Should he be worried? Fearful? Sleep with one eye open? Huh? Huh?

I say no. Every story ends with the offending spouse getting caught and jailed for all eternity. It’s not like the show is providing me a road map on how to off my husband.

Besides, I can find that information on the Internet now days. Who needs a TV show for that?!

Honey? Hey! Where are you going?


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