Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perfect Example

WARNING: These pictures may not be suitable for younger viewers. (Seriously!)

The below pictures are perfect examples of why it is not always a good idea to take impressionable young children for an innocent boat ride on the St. Croix or Mississippi River.

Yes, the man has his swimming trunks down to show off his tattoos on his buttocks (all I can say is OW!) and then twe have the pic that includes at least three women with only pasties over their..., well you'll see.

You should have seen the excessively scandalized look of my eight year old daughter as she pointed and yelled her very loudest, "MOM! They are NOT dressed all the way. What if they get sunburned?!?!"

Ummm... yeah, Honey. Somehow I don't think sunburn is even on their radar...

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