Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You're My Little Girl

Lyric Tuesdays!

Go Fish is one of my very favoritest bands ever. Now days they do mostly kids music, but I so wish they would do another adult album. (www.gofishguys.com)

Today's song, "You're My Little Girl", helped my soul heal many years ago. The song continues to remind me that God will take care of my precious children (and all of our inner childs) and love them unconditionally. Even when there is no way I can be a perfect parent and provide my children with the kind of patient and unconditional love they deserve, God can and will and does each and every day.

The song is a take on God speaking to a young girl whose parents are divorcing.

"You're My Little Girl"

The ones you love, they let you down
And I want you to know that I¹m sorry
The choices that they made were wrong
You were caught in the middle and I¹m sorry

So when the anger and the pain
Get the best of you
I know it seems like you¹re all alone
But I am feeling it too

'Cuz you're my little girl
You¹re the one that I created
No one in this world could ever be like you
When you're cryin' in the night
All you need to do is call me
I¹ll be there for you
'Cuz you¹re my little girl

When you're lookin in the mirror
I hope you're likin' what you see
Because no matter what you're feelin'
You're perfect to me

Because I see you as a child
Blameless in my sight
Just spend some time with me
And I¹ll make everything alright


I know you don't deserve what you've been through
I know it doesn't seem fair
I know that there are times you think you're alone
But you've got to know that I will be there, be there


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