Saturday, June 26, 2010

Virtual Prom

Last month, I stumbled upon a concept that I thought was just wonderful. It's called Mom Sexy! The Mommyologist made the following statements and issued a pledge over Memorial Day:

"Because I am one sexy mama. And being sexy is not about looking perfect in a bathing suit. Being sexy is about SELF-ACCEPTANCE. In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I am taking a pledge to refrain from making one negative comment about the way I look in a bathing suit, shorts, or any other piece of clothing for that matter. And I would like to challenge all of you to do the same, starting today. For this entire long weekend, every single time that you feel a negative thought popping up about the way you look, I want you to replace it with the following statement: “I 'Mom Sexy', and I am PROUD!”
Well, I thought this was one of the grandest ideas! My body has weathered three pregnancies and one gastric bypass surgery. I am often guilty of making negative comments about my body, so I am taking the pledge for the rest of this weekend.

As I looked into it, I think Mrs. Mommyologist started something big cause Mamas all over the blogosphere chimed in with different ways to feel "Mom Sexy". One mom even sent in a picture of herself in her favorite dress! An idea was born: have women all over the World Wide Web send in photos of themselves all dolled up for a virtual prom!
To see photos of everyone dolled up for the virtual prom, please click here. It's so awesome!

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