Friday, December 4, 2009


I don't know if you know this about me but I'm sort of attached to my phone. I pretty much always have it within arms reach. Even though most of the time no one is trying to get in touch with me it's exciting to know that at any moment someone could.

So you can imagine my distress when I woke up the other day to find that the phone that had been functioning perfectly when I went to bed was now ... not.

If my phone rang, I could answer it but not hear anything. The person calling could hear me; however, I didn't know that at first and that may have led to me swearing at my innocent mother as I tried to answer her call.

I took my phone in to the T-mobile store and I had to wait a good half hour just for my turn to seen. My three-year old son and four-year old daughter were running amok all over the store -- pulling all available phones off the display shelves, hitting up the other rowdy child in the store for some of his M&Ms, and terrorizing anyone who was within hearing range by arguing about who could sing their ABC's louder.

When it was my turn, the salesperson punched some stuff into his handy-dandy computer to bring up my account info. He told me that I was almost over on my minutes and had an overdue balance on my account and would I like to purchase a plan with more minutes or upgrade my services? I asked him if any of that was the cause of my phone not working. When he said it wasn't the cause of my issues, I politely asked him if we could please focus on the issue at hand then.

I was promptly given a nasty glare by the young man behind the counter that told me in no uncertain terms with his one piercing look that I was being rude. BUT COME ON!!! Was that really the best time to try and up-sell me a different plan?! What's that you say? I should get even more minutes that I won't be able to use on my broken phone? Sign me up!

Kids still running amok...

In conclusion, my phone is broken beyond repair and now I need to purchase ANOTHER new phone. UGH!!!

If you try to call me in the next week or so (THANKS T-MOBILE!), don't be offended if I pick up the phone and swear at you or hang up on you. It's not me. It's this stupid phone that I paid way too much for foolishly thinking that it would not break for no reason at all after only six months.

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