Sunday, December 27, 2009

Strange, Freaky Phenomenon

Wow... there have been quite a few friends with serious martial problems recently. I swear that divorce (and babies for the newlyweds) have been in the water. SIGH!

It's so devastatingly sad. Each time I hear about the struggles of couples who seem to have it all together and have been together for a while, it breaks my heart and makes me question my own marriage. Will we make it? Do we have the strength, proper communication skills, trust-worthiness or whatever magic ingredient it takes to stick it out? We certainly take each other for granted and bicker quite often -- and that is when we are on speaking terms. I don't know.

Divorce is one of those strange, freaky phenomenons that you think will NEVER EVER happen to you. It's the adult form of naive-ness. Teenagers think nothing bad (at all) will ever happen to them. Adults believe they are Divorce-Proof! Then, one day, BAM! You wake up next to a stranger who is supposed to be your life-long partner...

For our gossip-happy, celebrity-crazed reading pleasure, here is a list of some memorable Celeb Splits from the 2000's.

P.S. Can you believe we are almost into a brand new decade?!?!?!

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