Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just read a great little book titled "The Divorce Party" by Laura Dave. It's fiction, of course, since I am no longer a fan of non-fiction. The way I figure it, I have very little time to read and even less time to myself, so when I do get a chance to do either, I want to be able to relax and escape into someone elses life or imagination and non-fiction, just plain ol', doesn't allow me to do that.

So this fiction book titled "The Divorce Party" was a wonderfully light and interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to you, but that's not the reason I am blogging today.

Evidently, Divorce Parties are a REAL thing that some folks have to celebrate their newly found independence or possibly their united history. It's a really strange and foreign concept to me.

No offense -- but WHO in the halibut throws a Divorce Party?

I guess, as a child of divorced parents, it's an odd concept to me to celebrate the deterioration and break down of such a sacred union. However, it's a real concept and here to stay. Research it on your own... Google it. It's STRANGE!

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