Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poor People Fun

This is a perfect example of why parents should NOT spend their good, hard-earned money on toys for their children.
If you're children are anything like mine, they prefer stacking cans of vegetables and fruits into towers as tall as they are. Then to make things interesting, those intelligent wee ones begin to use the Tower O' Veggies as a "tee" and whack a wiffle ball across the kitchen with their elbows.

Gotta love their creativity but it really makes you think twice before you dole out $45 on that hottest, gotta have toy of Christmas 2009.
Seriously, people! I am not forking out $17.99-$28.99 for a pair of Elmo Tickle Hands when this kid adores $0.78 cans of carrots for his homemade Tower O' Veggies!!!

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Eric G said...

Love the concentrating tongue.