Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Keep Swimming!

Anyone remember my comments about having a life long goal of wanting to swim with Great White sharks from the relative safety of a cage (despite the fact that I cannot actually swim)? Well, this video may have just changed my mind a teensy bit...

It may take a few viewings to fully understand what is happening in this convoluted video, so let me paint the picture for you... Idiot diver gets into WEAK cage to watch Great White sharks as they eat bait from the near-by boat. Shark, who is innocently exploring his environment, swims head long into divers cage, gets stuck and thrashing ensues. At this point, the cage actually BREAKS and falls partially on to the diver -- in essence, somewhat protecting him from the flailing, might I add massively huge and strong, GREAT WHITE shark. Happy Ending... All escape safely, shark and man. YOWSERS!!!

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