Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome to the Present

I bought an MP3 Player! Okay, actually my husband bought it for me a few months ago, but I recently started using it more.


Big news people.

And best of all? It was only $ ? (I don’t actually know since my hubby bought it) and can hold, like, a bajillion songs! Gimme another “Whoa!”

Oh yeah, I'm all happy and hip now.

Okay, truth be told I all but needed a flashlight and a magnifying glass to read the screen and most of the instructions... and no I'm not exactly exaggerating for comedic effect. Nothing funny about me peering stupidly at the techno-gadget-thing-a-ma-jiggy.

Well, maybe a little funny. I did have the flashlight under my chin...

Anyway, when I told my baby sister about this exciting news she was almost impressed! (Or perhaps not.) I had to repeat it so she'd believe me. Then when I told her how easy it was to download and transfer the music, she was even more impressed. Well, she was impressed until I told her what I had downloaded – Etta James and Nat King Cole!

Whoa! No?

She thought that was an interesting choice for my move into the future. Anyhoo...

I'm now downloading NKOTB as I blog! Go me!

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