Friday, January 2, 2009

Art of Procastination

Sometimes I have to just laugh at the situations I get myself into by putting things off. I’d like to say that most of the time the procrastination is a necessity–way too much going on in each overflowing day. I know I didn’t mean to just now today be sending my Christmas cards. The month just got away from me, right? (Actually, I have moved the Christmas card idea to more of a New Year card concept this year -- or I am toying with End of January-Winter Blues-Here's to a Great Year's-Beginning cards?)

Over the last year I made a promise to myself to start saying NO to anything that I’d normally say yes to. Somehow this turned out to me still saying yes to almost everything. In review, it's been a good thing. I’ve not looked back, it really was the best decision ever. New relationships, new opportunities to grow and test my comfort zone. I like being a “yes woman” if it means saying yes to life.

I am happy that I have made some life changes that others only think about making. I am proud that I have been sticking my neck out there, when so many times I wanted to just sit at home in my sweats and read about how life happened without me. Yet again.

So in this new year, I want to continue the Yes Year, but it’s definitely not been the “Git Er Done” year. I’m hoping to see some progress on that front next. I may have bitten off a teensy bit more than I can manage, but seriously... it's all about good time management skills, right?!

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