Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Pizza" Be Ever With You

During the hectic rush of Christmas, I did the big 'no-no' - I tried to scrapbook in front of the kids - during the time I should have been spending with them!

While scrapping, all the wee ones were sitting at the table playing with play-doh. I barely talked to them, because mostly they were playing amongst themselves. I didn't really feel the need to interrupt with my blabbering!

I have no idea what G had said up to this point (and really there is no telling) but I did suddenly distinctly hear her say,"And he will be called Prince..., God, Father, Prince of Pizza."

I didn't look up at all. I about peed on myself, but I didn't look up. I said, "You mean 'Prince of Peace'?"

She said, "Yes! Prince of Pizza. Only cheese, please."

Seriously? Pizza vs Peace? Do I need to say more?

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