Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Touch

I have to admit to being totally behind the curve on social networking technology. I hear people speak about Twitter and Facebook and My Space, etc and until this morning, I had NEVER visited any of the above. I am quite shamed by this fact, but in my defense, Husband has all but forbade it because he says lots of social network websites are littered with virus. Of course, since Husband is a techno/IT genius I definitely trust his opinion and we do have a lot at stake -- if our home computer network were infected... he would have my head on a platter. He needs to have access to his work, etc.

So, SHHHH! Don't tell him, but I signed up on Facebook today in a effort to get in touch with this century, but more importantly to connect with a few long lost friends.

I hope this works and I really hope I don't regret it (by causing some virus or something equally disastrous.)

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