Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Of all the food items to be next on the this-could-kill-you list: peanut butter!
Probably three-quarters of my eight-year-olds protein comes from peanut butter. Her actual peanut butter is not yet on the recall list, but I’m watching that list closely. E’s whole universe may fall if she can’t have her daily peanut-butter sandwich.

For those of you who also are concerned about which peanut, peanut butter and peanut paste products are on the ever-growing list of foods recalled due to the possibility of salmonella, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has posted a searchable list of products, and they promise to keep the list updated.

Please keep in mind that this list seems to be changing hourly. Just because something wasn’t on the list yesterday doesn’t mean it won’t be there today.

BTW, all peanut butter used in Girl Scout cookies (for the bakers in my area -- MN) have been cleared as being okay.

Endangered peanut butter—what’s next?! If Kraft recalls Macaroni-and-Cheese, my children will starve!

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