Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blow the Whistle

So January has officially kicked my arse. Someone, please blow the whistle! I’m ready for a new month.

Can it be that it is only Thursday?


January is the hangover that all the fun you had December gives you.

February... now that is a good month!

It starts out with a very important holiday... Ground Hogs Day! Whoo-hoo!

Then, of course,we are on to Valentines Day. That glorious hallmark holiday designed to remind our tired suburban husbands that they love us. "Hey Honey! You Love Me!!!" (BTW, I live in the city proper, none of that suburb junk for me!)

Then we get President’s Day! How can it get better than that?

February is such a cool month that it can’t be bothered with days that start with 3.

I can’t wait till February.

1 comment:

Scott_Marie said...

your forgot to mention your favorite uncles bday is in Feb too!