Monday, December 6, 2010

Boulder Holder

I was fairly sure that I wouldn't blog about this episode, but I just decided I couldn't resist.  For those of you who are easily embarrassed, just click away RIGHT NOW!

You have been warned...

You know those bras you have that just don't fit right but you have no choice but to wear them because it's the only one that isn't in the bottom of the dirty clothes basket because Husband promised he would do all the laundry while you were busy at a million meetings on behalf of your children's PTA or Girl Scout Troop or anyway... and apparently, he neglected to do any of your laundry -- or any laundry at all... ?


Well, I had one of those on several weeks ago.  All morning it was rubbing me the wrong way and in all the wrong places.

I adjusted.

I pulled.

I shifted.

I itched!

Finally I left the office to go pick up my Little Man from preschool.  While waiting for the light to change at the intersection, I decided I had had enough.  I was ditching this boulder holder...

We've all done it... the amazing bra removal trick that doesn't require you to taking off your shirt. You know the one -- UNHOOK clasps in back, pull strap down through one arm sleeve, REACH THROUGH THE OTHER ARM HOLE and pull the bra out. VOILA!

SIGH!  Aaahhhhhhh! Instant relief.

Then, I look to the left to find an entire van full of construction workers watching me with big bright handy-man smiles... SWEET!

I rolled down the window and called out:

"That will be $10, you freaks!"

Last time I did the amazing bra trick and was caught, it was a car full of voyeuristic teenagers, male and female, in Mommy or Daddy's convertible Corvette. I simply looked at them said, "Yeah, your tits will sag this bad one day too. Good luck with that" and drove off.


Twisted Cinderella said...

i have never been caught performing that maneouver. At least not yet.

Annie said...

It was absolutely mortifying, but obviously, I didn't learn my lesson since I have been caught twice.