Friday, December 10, 2010

You Have Issues

This post? It will be my one and only post that I ever waste on those evil little trolls, but DANG IT! This needs to be said…

I’m absolutely fed up. I’m so sick and tired of seeing my bloggy friends get nasty, anonymous comments posted to their blogs. Recently I was “lucky” enough to be a target and I’m essentially ok with it. I guess someone was implying that I am not as “pretty as you thought i was” or, rather that I am fatter than the commentor would like me to be. And hello?!?!? Seriously, it is not only childish, but plain rude and hideous to tell anyone that their writing sucks, their opinions are wrong, their wee ones are ugly or they are fat. Stating such nonsense obviously means that YOU HAVE ISSUES. Like some serious, sad issues. By hiding behind the “anonymous” option, your words are meaningless. You are proving youself to be a coward. And honestly, it’s tragic that anyone would have this kind of time on their hands.

Blogging is a scary venture. You open yourself up to people you don’t know, in hopes that maybe you can connect with people or relate with them in some way. As a blogger, you hope that something you say touches them or helps them through a bad day or tough time. Don’t most bloggers just hope that you can make someone, just one person, laugh and forget about their problems for at least the time it takes to read your post. It takes time, effort, heart and emotion. For random people to smash that to smithereens by bashing your appearance, your thoughts, your honesty, or anything else is infuriating.

People, this isn’t what we are put here in Bloggy-Land to do. We are here to create community, help one another, circle together and write. Possibly share our stories on life’s journey. How sad is it that some people feel the need to rain on that parade? How does making someone else feel bad help you sleep at night?

By blogging, I am inviting you into my “home”. Before you come over, I spruce it up a bit, hang pretty pictures for you to look at and open my door for you with a wide smile and open arms. If you enter, sit down and stay a while, and perhaps even, peruse the whole house… and THEN tell me I’m ugly and dumb and my home sucks, then you’re gonna get the hades out of my house.

And if you continue to look through my windows after I kick you out? Well then, I’m going to at least shut those windows so I don’t have to hear you.

Some blogs may leave the nasty comments, feed off of them and let their readers feed off of them. But not this chick. It means the world to me that any followers may feel protective enough to come to my defens, but truthfully, if I’m having a party and one person is an arse, you’re not about to ruin the good time for my other guests. You will be get shown the front door.

When you leave a blatantly hurtful comment on a blog that I enjoy reading, you are threatening the existence of that blog and then you have royally pissed me off. I want to read REAL stories, REAL human emotion, REAL LIFE. You may NOT swoop in and make that writer doubt what they’re doing there and you are messing with my reading enjoyment. You are taking away that persons ability to write without filters and for that, SHAME ON YOU.
Making yourself relatable means making yourself vulnerable. I’m okay with that; otherwise I wouldn’t be putting myself out here. However, being cruel is going to get you a one way ticket to the front porch, because I (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!) hold the control over the delete button, and fellow bloggers, you do too.

Summary: Get your feet off my couch and don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

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Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Love your post. I really do dislike anonymous comments. As a blogger you really do put yourself out there. If someones dislikes what is being said then they should just not come back to that blog. Not have nasty comments.