Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rachel Ray Mystery

Me + Rachael Ray = NOT BFF.

Why? I DON’T KNOW. I think she’s too happy for me.  I’ve always wanted to kind of slap her.  I mean, I know she’s supposed to be fantastic and all… but really?!?!?  Who gets to host a cooking show and her own almost-Martha-Stewart-like-empire and still be that skinny?

I found THIS cookbook on my shelf and got WICKED confused. Like REALLY confused. We all know that I love to cook, but in all honesty, am not the best cook.  I mean, I bake okay, but cooking… IDK. And EVERYONE who knows me knows that Rachael Ray and I are NOT OKAY with each other. And somehow, this still was on my shelf. This was NOT even Betty-freaking-Crocker! THIS WAS RACHAEL RAY.

I was HORRIFIED. This may be the source of all bad karma in my life. How long had it sat on my shelf? And WHERE had it come from? I simply didn’t know.

I STILL don’t know. At least the Williams-Sonoma books came from a recognizable source (my own grandious thoughts and maybe a bit of stupidity). I think I’m going to run some sort of contest to get rid of those cookbooks. Like, MAKE ME AWESOME FOOD and get some ridiculous cookbooks.

That’s a thought to ponder a while longer...

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