Sunday, August 29, 2010

Double Digits

My sweetest baby girl (aka Big E) is TEN YEARS OLD today.

It's been driving me crazy for weeks.

My girl is now DOUBLE DIGITS!

It's such a terrible cliche but where did the time go?! In a few days, Big E will start fifth grade. It seems only a few weeks ago, I was a new parent, cuddling my precious new babe -- as scared as I'd ever been but also more keenly aware of all the miracles surrounding me. I couldn't believe that God would grant me the privilege of raising an innocent.

Here we are a decade later. My eldest daughter is no longer a baby. She is only an inch or two shorter than me. She is wearing a training bra and sometimes she is even embarrassed by me in public. She is beginning to mature and keep her dearest secrets to herself.

Although terrified for the inevitable tween years that are upon and even more scared of the idea of full-on teenage angst, I am also excited beyond measure to watch my precious chickabiddy, my very only Big E, become the woman she wants to be.

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