Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bucket List

My Precious Children,

I’ve often thought that I should write a “Bucket List”. I’ve tried on several occasions to start a bucket list, but haven’t really committed myself to the concept. A bucket list is such a fabulous way to capture a concrete list of things you want to experience in life. By taking the time to actually write a list, the thoughts and experiences become less abstract. So, as a twist to the traditional bucket list, I would like a “Family Bucket List” – things I would like to do with my children and/or family members.

* Go to Disney World! (I’ve never been and it seems like a quintessential family-kid thing to do.)
* Get pedicures together – including you too, Little Man -- if we can convince your Daddy.
* Go on mommy - child trip, with each of you individually.
* Go camping as a family.
* Get your ears pierced (again).
* Go swimming with dolphins.
* Take a road trip at least every other year.
* Get a cheesy cartoon picture drawn of us.
* Go to your first dance recital.
* Do anything within my power to get you into the college of your choice.
* Spend each and every Christmas together.
* Live near a flower shop and go at least a couple times a week to pick out flowers.
* Have lots of sleepovers for you and your friends.
* Go to a tropical location on vacation.
* Teach you to be confident and love yourselves as much as I love you.
* Buy some land and build a house on it.
* Let you pick out a family dog (MAYBE).
* Advocate for you when
* Go prom dress shopping.
* Go wedding dress shopping.
* Be present at the birth of each grandchild (if you let me).
* Go to a major boardwalk and walk until our feet can’t walk anymore.

I can’t wait to do all of these things with you! My babies, I love you forever and ever!


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