Sunday, August 15, 2010


Do you ever wonder… if you just walked away, into the unknown, how long would it be until you were missed?

Would they even miss you?

The smile that used to be ever present and radiant?

The eyes that used to twinkle with laughs?

The head that tilts to listen?

So you ever wonder if they would miss the smell of your perfume?

The cinnamony sugary smell of your French toast?

The memorized telephone number of your favorite pizza joint?

Do you ever wonder if friends would notice the drop in your texts?

Would you mom and sisters notice the lack of phone calls?

The grocery shopping?

The school-choice / daycare research of available options?

The making (and attending of) doctor / dentist / all mandatory appointments?

The folding of laundry?

The packing of lunches?

The 2 am comfortings?

Do you ever wonder, if you did walk away into the unknown, would YOU miss it?

The bickering and whining and fighting?

The eyes that see through you without really seeing you?

The feelings of everyone else coming first?

Do you ever wonder?

Do you?! DO YOU?!?!?

I would be lying if I said that I’ve never wondered… especially since “the attempt”.

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hickeyartist said...

I already miss you and would miss you even more if you walked away into the unknown. I would have a very large hole in my heart and be overwhelmed with sadness. The thought of you missing from my life is disturbing. I have so many more memories to create with you yet. If you where to walk into the unknown you would leave my pages empty, there would be no story to tell except for the vanishing women. :(