Friday, August 27, 2010


Tomorrow I get to go on a crazy fun bachelorette party. Have you ever heard of the "PedalPub"?! It is this awesome, fun trolley, bike thing. It's kind of hard to describe, so take a look at a few of the pictures...

The PedalPub™ describes itself as "a party on wheels! Pedal-powered by three to sixteen people, its maximum speed is five miles per hour - just the right speed for sharing good times with friends as you tour scenic routes." You are allowed to bring your own food, beverages, and alcohol (subject to local ordinances). On our ride, we will have a keg of light beer, some wine, snacks. Our local ordinances do not allow hard liquor or glass, so we will need to be somewhat behaved. However, considering we are pedaling along a scenic route in downtown Minneapolis and cruising through one of the many bar-lined streets, I anticipate there will be plenty of stops for refreshments...

And, people, please pray for good weather!

Personally, I like to at a minimum make a weak attempt at looking my best when out with the girls. Dare I say, I strive for hot or beautiful -- usually in vain, but what the heck! Who doesn't want to look great when out with a bachelorette party?!? Which brings me to my only concern -- looking sexy is not very compatible with pedalling a bike in 95 degree heat with sweltering, suffocating humidity. As I said, people... pray for me and unseasonably COLD weather.

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frugalapolis said...

Ann - don't worry about looking hot, you'll be HOT. Put your hair up, where light and loose fitting and good shoes - no those sandals just don't quite cut it.

I just got done riding in the rain home from work, in the 90F weather. Its really not that bad.