Sunday, August 1, 2010


We all have phobias, fears and weaknesses. They are the things that make our mouths go dry, our palms go wet and our stomachs dropping into the general vicinity of our kneecaps. Some phobias we are born with and others, I believe, we acquire with age.

BUT WE ALL HAVE THEM and I am no exception.

Except I think I may have MORE of them than your average Joe and if you didn't deduce this from other postings, then bless your little heart.

So I must admit it... * I Embrace The Neurotic! *

I am afraid of the following things in no particular order:

* ANYTHING creepy, crawly, slimy, icky, yucky, and not on MY rung of the food chain!

As a general rule of thumb, if it crawls, or has more than 2 legs, and is incapable of fetching my paper or sitting obediently at my feet, DO NOT SHOW IT TO ME.

At age 2, my Little Princess (now almost 5) used to love to pick up tiny ants off the sidewalk and EAT THEM. My stomach would clench and I swear to you, I almost hurled my stomach innards more than once. EWWWWWWW!

When Big E picked up a baby garter snake this summer and was soooooo excited that she squealed at the top of her ever-loving lungs, "MOM! Look what I found! Come hold it!" Without a further thought, I ran shrieking for cover in the nearest homestead -- which happened to be my neighbors. I swear the snake was, perhaps, 4 inches long but to me it looked like this......

And that is ALL I have to say about that. SIGH!

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