Monday, August 23, 2010

Head Rush

I am so excited! After reading Hormone-Colored Days, I've learned there is a new series launching August 23th called Head Rush. The Science Channel will host the new hour-long series of COMMERCIAL-FREE, exciting, science-minded programming hosted by Kari Byron of MythBusters.

The show will feature content from Mythbusters. Which may alarm a few folks. Especially if you are familiar with the crazy action-packed stunts usually shown with Mythbusters (which is highly unrecommended for viewing with anyone under the age of, oh, say... 21 years old!). However, do not fear! The producers have tailored the episodes with a younger audience in mind. And did I mention that they are COMMERCIAL-FREE?!?!?

As the Head Rush host, Kari Byron, she will include interviews with celebrity folks and other special features. As mentioned by Hormone-Colored Days, I ditto that I hope, Head Rush will include MANY reminders about safety precautions.

Head Rush airs on the Science Channel weekdays from 4-5 pm Eastern, 3-4 pm Central, and 4-5 pm Pacific. Head Rush will also have a two-hour block each Saturday morning from 7-9 am Eastern for your tween's viewing pleasure.

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